Morning Routines To Make Your Productive

Are there days that you dread waking up and feel so drained even before you kick start your day? I bet it happens and you are not alone in this journey. However, the morning is among the best time to get creative and plan. Most of the articles and books that you read are written in the morning. This is a magical time as your brain is still fresh and not occupied by much. The funny thing with life is that it is full of ups and downs but the following morning routines can make all the difference you want in this life


If you are among those people who always think of weightlifting and other vigorous workouts every time the term exercises is mentioned, then you are wrong. You do not need to spend two hours a day early in the morning to experience the full benefits of a workout routine. You can do squats, pushups or even rope skipping and still make your day. Your aim should be to make your body flexible especially if you spend most of your time seated. Such simple exercises make it easy for blood and oxygen to circulate which nourishes your brain.

Plan ahead

What do you want to achieve at the end of the day? Every new day is a new chance to create something new, and you can lay your plans early in the morning. You have to be specific when it comes to these goals. For instance, reading a chapter of a book by the end of the day is not enough. You have to go a step further and state the specific book. Ensure that your aims of the day are realistic and in line with your long-term goals. You can also analyze your past goals and create a scorecard.

Take a healthy breakfast

You needthe energy to face the events of the day, and you can only get it through foods that you take. Avoid those foods that cause bowel movements as you are likely to have a bad day at work. Coffee is one of the best drinks to try in the morning as it nourishes your brain and helps you concentrate. You need to get the right cup as they come in different shapes depending on what you want to prepare. You can use the free resource from experts on the website My Demitasse if you are new in this area.