Should you Activate Notifications on Instagram?

Some quarters argue that you shouldn’t turn on Instagram notifications. However, experts suggest that it is a good thing to make sure that you leave notifications turned on. Here’s why.

It Stimulates User Engagement

Notifications can enable you to draw more followers. More specifically, they help you send reminders and updates in real time. By extension, this triggers your followers to interact with your content even when they didn’t want to. And, in the process, you can rule out the chance of them sharing, liking or leaving a comment that will attract you a new follower.

They Help Retain Followers

Growing a noticeable following on Instagram is hard. Retaining them is even harder. Notifications give your audience that you are actively creating content that they need to check. In essence, this means that your follower will keep up with what is happening with your brand. And, they more they visit your feed, the higher the likelihood of sticking around for long.

It Helps Increase Conversion Rate

By now, you have already figured that notifications will help drive followers to your feed and website. With the traffic comes an opportunity to make a sale or two. The only thing that you need to do is to ensure that you have compelling content with a strategically placed call to action to help you boost your sales.

…You Need to Find Ways to Grow your Audience Though

Indeed, notifications are good for business, and you should leave them turned on all the time. Still, you need to keep growing your account. Make sure that you are continually building a massive following to help you stand out from other brands.

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The Bottom Line

Making a mark on Instagram is a game of strategy. And, the more you hone your skills, the easier it is to achieve what you want. While turning on notification is a good thing, it isn’t the only tactic that you should use to gain the attention that you want. Conduct more research to know what works and what doesn’t.