How to Have a Great Wedding Reception

How to Have a Great Wedding Reception

The reception marks the climax of every wedding. It is during this session that the bride and the bridegroom have a chance to mingle freely with the guests in attendance. Think of it as a time to meet-and-greet and also to get to know each other, both for everyone in attendance.

It is, therefore, essential that you keep your reception as entertaining as possible.  More than that, you have to choose the venues carefully to ensure that the ambiance goes with the tempo of the main event. Here’s a rundown of how to do it.

Hire a Local Wedding Singer

You must get a singer if you want to spruce up your wedding reception. And, you don’t have to look far and wide. Choose one who’s locally available to save some money on hiring costs. It makes perfect sense to ask around for referrals to be sure that the person you plan to hire provides value for your cash. James Barlow is a good pick if you’re scouting for West Midlands wedding entertainment, for instance.

Hold the Entire Ceremony at the Same Venue

You’re better off sticking to the old tradition of having the venue of the wedding double up as the reception. The main reason is to make sure that those in attendance have a chance to share with you about the highlights of the day.

You should, therefore set the venue in such a way that it can handle the demands of a reception. Plus, it makes it easy to serve your guests with food before they disperse.

Let Everyone Know About the Reception Venue

Make sure that you tell your expected guests where they’ll go for the reception if you don’t plan to hold it at the main venue. The best way to communicate this is to announce it at the tail end of the ceremony. Or, you can indicate it in your wedding invitation cards.

Your Guests Matter

Choose the reception venue according to the number of guests expected to attend. If the reception is far away from the church, you may consider providing transportation means to help people get there in good time.

On top of that, consider the various tastes of the crowd in attendance. You should not be too self-centered since it is your guests that will make the ceremony have that wholesome appeal. You cannot, for instance, pick a site that may appear to be of a secular setting while some of those attending may not like the idea.

Remember, a Great Reception Translates into a Great Wedding

You have to choreograph your day perfectly from the beginning to the end. The venue has to be the right one, with factors like costs, noise restrictions being on top of your most critical things to consider. Keep in mind that grand receptions characterize great outdoor weddings.

Be sure to involve your planning team to help you with ideas. Think outside the box and come up with creative ways to make your ceremony unique. May you live happily ever after!