Tips to Automate your Instagram Account

Okay, you need to do more than automation to grow your brand on Instagram. Even then, it allows you to know your audience and interact with them without spending too much time on your account. The following hacks will help you automate tasks without looking spammy.

Get Well-Acquainted with the Basics

You have to know how to program your Instagram account from the get-go. That way, automation will give you the results you want. Create an attractive bio with a compelling call-to-action. Post helpful content and beautiful photos of your products. In short, the visual layout of your account has to be impressive. The idea is to make sure that automation speeds up your growth rate because you’ll have a brilliant feed already.

Be Careful When Choosing an Automation Service

See, the market is awash with hundreds of Instagram automation companies. Still, all services are not the same – some are good while others aren’t worth your cash. You should, therefore, do some background check on the service you plan to use. On that note, visit to read more about SocialCaptain, an Instagram growth company that raises eyebrows with the quality of its services. Keep in mind that you want to get value for your money so don’t spend it on any company that you come across.

Use Automation Sparingly

Make no mistake about it – Instagram automation is good for business. However, you should be mindful of how you use it. Of course, you can use it to increase the level of engagement with your followers without making you appear spammy. Also, make sure that you create context-relevant comments. The last thing that you want is to have an unpleasant interaction with your audience. Avoid generic comments such as “keep up the great work” or “great shot.” Use laser-focused phrases that can invoke an honest reply. Remember, one of the fastest ways to lose followers is to appear spammy with the way you do things on Instagram.

The Bottom Line

Automation for Instagram is brilliant if you know how to do it correctly. It is time-saving and can improve interplay with your followers. Make sure that you are targeting the right audience or people who can relate to what your brand offers. Check to see if the service you intend to use can find your targeted followers automatically. Also, don’t forget to change your comments once in a while.