A Guide to Buying Social Signals

A Guide to Buying Social Signals

In this article we will be talking about social signals, what they are, where to buy them, and if it’s actually a good practice in 2018 and beyond so let’s answer the first question some people might have on their mind before we proceed to the how and why.

What are social signals?

Social signals relate to social media platforms, this could be LinkedIn, in that case, a social signal could be a recommendation or a new content. When we talk about signals on Instagram you should think of followers, shares, likes, and comments, and the same could be said for Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Google Plus.

At Google Plus we talk about +1’s, at Twitter it’s all about retweets, likes, and followers, and at Facebook it’s pretty much the same though besides likes that automatically turn into followers you can also talk about shares, reviews, recommendations, and even group members if you are running a Facebook group. I suppose this explains in enough detail what social signals are.

Why buy social signals?

Because it’s hard to compete in a world where other peoples’ Facebook pages have 10000+ likes, Instagram accounts with 20000+ followers, and LinkedIn accounts with 5000+ connections. What would people think if your Facebook page has only 12 likes and your Instagram a handful of followers?

They wouldn’t take you very seriously, would they? Say yourself what you would choose, an established brand or a newcomer around the block? We both know the answer to that so buying social signals can provide you just the right amount of social proof or authority if you like to call it that, for people to trust and try your service. Afterall we all got to start somewhere.

Where to buy social signals?

Someone recently asked me the following question: “Can you buy real Instagram followers?“, it completely depends on the type of service you use really so I highly recommend you read the guide I just linked to, but this part of the post is not about whether it’s possible to buy real social signals, it’s more about where to buy them.

So once again I suggest you take a look at that guide as besides attempting to answer that question they are reviewing a ton of places where you can buy signals for Instagram, Twitter, and I’m pretty sure they also cover other platforms like Youtube, Pinterest, LinkedIn and the new kids around the block like Discord and Telegram.