Why Twitter Dominates Over Social Platforms

A simple analysis of some of the most popular social networks will always rank Twitter among the top 5. The question is why this platform remains at the top even though there are other platforms that promise to be better than it. About 262 million people use Twitter every month from all over the world. This platform is a haven for most celebrities, politicians and the who is who in the society as well as the commoners. The trend is not changing any time soon and projections indicate that it will continue to grow. The following are some of the reasons why Twitter continues to dominate the social world.

    1. Engagement is real-time

Even though Twitter limits the number of characters you can use in a tweet, you can create a thread to pass your message. People can like your post, comment or even retweet on their timelines which makes your profile more famous. You can even mention your most active followers on such posts and encourage them to retweet. Mentioning of partners is also possible which also increases brand awareness and makes recognition of other players possible. You can always use influencers in your niche to increase the outreach of your posts.

    1. You do not have to carry all the burdens

Most of these celebrities you see around have busy schedules and find it hard to balance work and social life. Your followers on Twitter expect you to answer their queries, like their tweets and update them on various topics. This can be overwhelming unless you have someone to help which also comes at a cost. You can automate some functions such as posting, following people and liking other people’s tweets. You can check some automation tools here https://incomeartist.com/top-twitter-automation-tools/ and it will thus be possible to focus on content creation and your day to day activities without a hitch.

    1. Hashtags are powerful

Twitter hashtags still dominate over other social platforms because they are easy to trace and use. Some scheduling tools even suggest the hashtags to use in a post which makes Twitter desirable over others. You can trace a post that was posted like six months ago as long as you have the hashtag. You can use various types of hashtags like region-specific, niche hashtags and those that are trending as well. Make sure that you are creative on their use because some might not pass your intended message.