Switch to Handheld Laser Engravers Now

Nowadays, there are various engraving techniques, such as laser and non-laser. Of course, different materials require varying marking tools, unless you are utilizing laser. It is quite convenient since it is capable of engraving virtually any surface. And for a further step up, try to choose handheld as they come with more benefits.

Work Remotely

With modern electronics, one can control handhelds remotely, without the requirement of wirings. Of course, the same case applies to handheld laser engravers, as you can now input commands via either Bluetooth or USB connection. Some even come with applications for both Android and iOS devices that allow you to control machines. Despite their range limit, you can still operate at a sufficient distance.

High Quality

Unlike non-laser engraving, their laser counterparts produce consistent quality. Since the laser is only light, there is no potential risk of hazardous chemical reactions, and you can use them on any surface. In fact, you can even engrave on food and there would be no risk of poisoning, unlike when you utilize non-lasers which have undesirable substances. Also, you can input commands via computer, phone, or other gadgets to produce a specific output that you desire.


You do not have to worry about the durability of laser engraving, unlike non-lasers. After all, these do not come into contact with the substrate, and would not receive damage from abrasion and such. Moreover, these come with rubber coatings that resist the elements.

Two Modes

Most handheld laser engravers can either be held by hand or mounted. Thus, you have more flexibility as to how you can work. If you ever get tired while working, all you have to do is mount it on a machine and let the computer work for you. By doing so, you can continue working simultaneously for longer hours, unlike with their non-laser counterparts which require the participation of the human hands.

Purchasing a Handheld Laser Engraver

Although handheld laser engravers are available everywhere, try shopping online to save time. Drop by https://www.markinbox.eu/ to check out their high-quality products. Just select the model that you want, and you are good to go.


Handheld laser engravers are much more convenient than traditional counterparts. You can work remotely, thanks to wireless and USB connections, and the work is of higher quality. Moreover, these come in two modes, either handheld or mounted. Lastly, handheld laser engravers are durable despite their small size.