Choosing the Right Inkjet Ink Technology for Your Application

Industrial inkjet ink doesn’t come in a one size fits all package. Choosing the right inkjet ink technology for your application must take into account the printing media, the ink and printing quality required, the price, the availability and the compatibility with your machine. To get an idea which is right for you, visit website for more information or read below to learn more about inkjet ink technologies that might be right for you.

Continuous Ink Jet (CIJ) Ink

CIJ ink can be printed in any orientation, as it is continuously sprayed at most any speed on the printing media while printing. This generally low cost ink works on a vast majority of coding printers available today and is often available in an extensive range of types and colors.  The printing tolerance of CIJ is tolerable of even the most uneven surfaces and can work successfully up to 10mm away from the print head.

Drop On Demand (DOD) Ink

Unlike the continuous supply of ink of CIJ, DOD generates very small droplets of ink and only when they are needed. Because of this, the conservation of ink is one of the key benefits of choosing DOD. The small droplets can be provided through nozzles at a high nozzle density, which leads to the possibility of compact devices, and lower print head costs. The disadvantage to DOD is the limitation of inks that can be used in DOD industrial printers. This type of technology and ink is suitable for many industrial applications including packaging, screen printing, case coding, lumber, and metals.

High Resolution (Hi Res) Ink

Hi Res Ink can provide optimum printing resolution for applications including barcodes, graphics, data matrix codes, variable data, and secondary packaging text. They can also provide the highest quality print on porous materials, such as corrugated boxes. This ink can be used with well-known print head technologies you may already have.

Bespoke Inkjet Ink

If you have a special need that doesn’t fit with any of the technologies listed above, a bespoke ink can sometimes be made for you. Suppliers can fit the ink to your specific requirements through research and slightly altering ink chemistries.

All of the inkjet ink technologies listed above are tried and true technologies of the industrial printing world. No matter your application, there is likely to be one of all the inkjet ink technologies that will work best for you.