2017 has almost come to an end.

What an eventful year it has been.

There was an uproar when Instagress (Instagram’s leading Bot) got shut down. A huge void was left along with a lot of uncertainty from Instagram Bot users. The question on everyone’s mind was “Will there be another Instagram Bot that can fill the shoes of the legendary Instagress?”

The previous feelings of uncertainty are certainly coming to an end with emerging Instagram bots coming to the forefronts and helping users gain and engage with followers.

What is an Instagram Bot?

In case you are wondering the exact definition and purpose of an Instagram Bot they can be described as automated software that can either be used with a web-based application or downloaded from the internet. This software can then be used to gain new followers and engage with followers on your account.

How does it work?

Many Instagram users are familiar with being strategic with their comments and using the ‘follow, like, comment’ approach in order to gain new followers. This might result in a follow back. However, with this approach, it is not guaranteed and can be very time-consuming.

The Instagram Bot will utilize this same the ‘follow, like, comment’ but on autopilot. Saving you a lot of your precious time.  The Instagram Bot won’t just use this strategy for any random user. The auto motion will help select your desired user based on hashtags that you select. As a general overview of Instagram Bots, they can perform repetitive but engaging and effective tasks such as liking photos, making scheduled comments, following people and some Instagram Bots even have extra features which will allow automated direct messaging. All of this will be done automatically on your behalf. The great thing about an Instagram Bot is that unlike buying followers, the Bot gets users organically, winning them over through engagement. When you buy followers the followers are actually fake. Thus this will lead to absolutely no engagement from them. With the Instagram Bot you, have a higher chance of receiving real, genuine followers that have come to your page based on your automated interaction.

Engagement is key

As with any social media platform, engagement is critical. You cannot expect to grow your following without engaging with your targeted audience. The automated software that Instagram Bots provide helps you to gain these new targeted users through interaction. There are a number of great Bots available now.


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