Rewiring New Homes or Not

Rewiring New Homes or Not

Rewiring can be a necessity, particularly for people who intend to purchase old homes. After all, faulty electrics can cause injury or electrocutions, and they are also a serious fire hazard. Thus, it is best that you identify whether your new home requires a rewiring and if yes, learn of what you should be doing.

Conditions That Call for Rewiring

A property that did not undergo rewiring for the past 25-30 years may require some upgrades to make it catch up to modern standards. Furthermore, old wiring can be dangerous and are less likely to keep up with the demands of current daily living. Most likely, this situation calls for a full rewiring that may take a while.

If you intend to remodel or extend your house, there will be new wiring, and the old ones will need improvement. Furthermore, it should follow current requirements, and the cross bonding should be satisfactory. Anything that requires new work will most likely involve at least partial rewiring.

Distinguishing Rewired Property From Not Rewired

Begin by checking the exposed parts of the wiring, electricity meter, and the fuse box or consumer unit. A good time for doing this is while you inspect your home before you make the purchase. If you see an old-fashioned fuse box, particularly those with white ceramic-style fuses, the property might need rewiring. You may also watch out for varying sockets and switch styles since these are signs of partial rewiring.

For Cases of Non-Rewired Homes

If you find any old rubber insulated, fabric insulated, or lead insulated cables, replacement may be necessary as the insulation can break down at some point. Consequently, there is a higher risk of short-circuiting, which is a fire hazard and potential cause of electrocution.

Finding an Electric Company for Rewiring

It is best that you leave the rewiring work to qualified professionals so that you avoid putting anyone at risk. You may begin looking for ones near your local area, and if you are unable to, check out online to find those available near you. If you would like a suggestion, have a look at Electrician Blackpool for the best services.


Rewiring is necessary for old homes that have outdated electrical systems. One cannot ignore the issue since possible short circuits are a fire hazard and a cause of electrocution. Lastly, one should leave the rewiring work to the professionals, since it is out of the capabilities of a layman.