Radiator Cabinets – What Where and How

Radiator cabinets are becoming more and more popular not just to give your radiators a better look but also to make them more efficient! Whether off the shelf or made to order, whether in the garden, kitchen or bathroom, every home that uses a radiator must have a cabinet cover for it.


A radiator cabinet is a cover for the radiator in your home which keeps the heat contained. Radiators give off heat and this can prove hazardous in certain situation such as a home with children and pets. Radiators are not the most handsome looking devices though and no matter where yours is placed, a cover can give it a more aesthetic appearance.


One reason to cover the ugly looking machine in your garden or bathroom is to keep your property and family safe. Children are tempted to touch things around them in order to better understand them. Pets can be hurt by accidently brushing against the heat emitting radiators. Moreover if there is a problem with the radiator it can give off strong jets of steam which will cover the nearby walls, furniture and other things with black soot. A radiator cover will protect your children and prevent the surrounding area from being tarnished and give them a longer life.

A well-built radiator cabinet is capable of redistributing the heat in a way that would be entirely harmless and safe. The walls of the cabinet push the heat away from all sides and the roof pushes out over the top. Thus a cabinet prevents heat from accumulating in one spot making it extremely safe.

Defining a Well-Constructed Radiator Cabinet

Most cabinets and covers are metallic but if you are looking for some good alternatives, view Radiator Cabinet’s website.

Though you wouldn’t put your TV or sound system on top of the radiator cabinet, it must cover the radiator from all sides. The walls of the cabinet must be slightly away from the machine itself to allow the hot air to circulate. The sides or at least the back should be made of reflective material to send off the heat.

All radiator covers have holes, but they should not be big enough for curious little fingers, pencils or other similar objects. Covers of some radiators which are long and smaller in height are sometimes used as additional seating and should be strong enough to hold the weight.

And finally of course it should be good looking enough for the space where you keep it.