Guide to Buying a Home Aquarium

Home aquariums add aesthetic value to an interior space. They also add life to a home. Before purchasing a fish aquarium, the buyer should consider several different factors.  These include the material and the size of the tank. This can be a tough task because all the aspects have to be given adequate attention. This article outlines some points that may be helpful to anyone who intends to buy a home aquarium.

There are two main factors that should be taken into consideration when selecting the tank size. These are: the space available in the home for the placement of the aquarium, and the number of fish that will live in the tank.

The space available in the home should be enough for a stand. Therefore, the buyer should consider the dimensions of the stand and the stand before purchasing. Most retailers have dimensions for their aquariums and can readily provide them to the buyers. The dimension details are important because they enable the buyer to know where exactly the aquarium will be positioned and how much space it will take.

When it comes to selecting the tank in relation to the number of fish, it’s advisable to allow for up to 1 inch of fish per gallon of water. For instance, the buyer may decide to buy an aquarium and have 10 neon tetra fish. In this case, the individual should multiply the average adult size of the fish by the total number of fish to get the size of the tank in terms of volume. Therefore, he/she may need a tank that can hold at least 16 gallons of water.

It’s important to keep in mind that the filter also takes up some space that may displace up to 4 gallons of water. Hence, buyers should add that to their calculations. It’s good to ask the retailer for advice regarding the appropriate aquarium size. With their knowledge and experience they’re in a better position to offer necessary assistance.

After choosing the size of the tank, the next factor to consider is the material. This may seem unnecessary but it’s as important as the tank’s size. The two most popular materials for home aquariums are acrylic and glass. Acrylic fish aquariums are said to be lighter and 17 times stronger than glass. They don’t shatter easily. They refract light better than glass and provide a less distorted view of the aquarium. However, compared to glass, they’re more prone to scratching.

On the other hand, a glass home aquarium is preferred by most people because it offers clarity for a long time. It’s doesn’t turn yellow when exposed to sunlight, unlike acrylic. Glass aquariums are cheaper and easier to ship. Unlike acrylic tanks, they require less tools and equipment to work with.

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