Dry Firewood In Simple Ways

It is very important to burn firewood only when it becomes completely dry otherwise it can’t be able to produce sufficient heat. Damp wood takes time in burning because it has lot of moisture in it. Because of this reason, it also does not produce maximum heat. You have to dry the firewood first and then use it to produce heat. Another thing that you can do is to buy dry firewood from market. Jamie will guide you from where you should buy dry firewood.

There are lots of people who still use firewood for different purposes. Using firewood for producing heat is a cheaper option. If you want to dry your firewood, you should follow the steps given below-

  • Take your chopping block along with your axe. Now start splitting the wood into appropriate length as required for your firewood. Splitting allows wood to get exposed to air from deep. Thus, it makes wood to get dry soon. The moisture will get out of the firewood as the air circulates on its surface.
  • Next step involves stacking your wood. If you want to dry up your firewood quickly, you have to stack it neatly. While stacking, you must ensure that the stack should not collapse. Your pattern of stacking the wood should be proper so that each and every area of wood may be exposed to air.
  • You should store and keep your firewood in a sunny, dry area so that it can become dry quickly. You should never place your firewood in a moist area if you don’t want to waste your efforts. If you want to store it in structured area just ensure that there should be enough ventilation so that air can make your firewood dry.
  • In order to protect your firewood from rain, you can cover it with a plastic sheet. But while covering your firewood with plastic sheet, you must ensure that ventilation is not blocked otherwise your firewood will not become dry quickly. Don’t let the plastic sheet touch the ground while covering your firewood.

After doing all what is mentioned above, you will get your firewood dry in a very short time. There are many other ways also but they are not much effective. Now, you can use your dry firewood for different purposes. You can burn it at your home to produce heat during winters. This will reduce your energy consumption.