The Best Way To Optimize The Performance Of Plasma Cutter

To know how to use the plasma cutter is very important to get its best performance and optimize its capabilities. Irrespective of the material and the thickness, you would be able to make the best cut out of it. Using these tips learning how to use plasma cutters is easy.

Read the manual

Every plasma cutter that you buy from a local or an online store comes with the owner manual. You are provided with the explanation of its parts, how to use them and safety instructions. Cuts Like Butter is the one of the most renowned suppliers of plasma cutters in the world.

To get the optimized performance of plasma cutter, it is very important to read the instructions thoroughly and familiarize yourself with the device. Cuts Like Butter provides a wide range of best quality plasma cutter to suit different types of purposes in an efficient way.

Check the power supply

Ensure that power cord is in good working condition and plugged into the right type of primary power supply.

Check the air supply

Now you need to ensure that flow of air and pressure entering in the machine is correct and in sufficient quantity. To know how much air is required for the best running of the device, it is advised to read the owner manual.

Install an air filter or air dryer

As dry air is very significant for plasma cutting and increasing the cutting capacity, it is recommended to install an air dryer or filter on the machine. Check it, clean it and replace your air filter/air dryer as per the dealer’s recommendations.

Check the attachments

Ensure the torch and other consumables are properly and securely connected.

Check air setting

There can be different settings for gouging and cutting. Check the setting to ensure proper air flow in the device.

Check the cutting speed

The cutting speed for an electricity source is different for mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium of different thicknesses. Depending on the material and the thickness on which you are working, you can set the cutting speed.

With these simple tips, you can enhance the efficiency and accuracy of the job/task and increase the lifespan of the plasma cutter and other consumables.